Members of New Entry 52 have enlisted in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. This all male entry comprising of 112 young men between the ages of 18 – 25  is the largest to enlist in Defence Force to date. Instructors of the Force’s Training Department were out in full force along with many proud parents, uncles, aunts and a few grandmothers, most crying tears of joy.

The Training Department of the RBDF is equipped with highly skilled, local and internationally trained Instructors, whose duty it is to bring out the best of the 112. The newly enlisted carry the title”Recruit” and over the next few months will be indoctrinated into military culture as they study a variety of academic subjects inclusive of Defence Acts, ceremonial, navigation and communications just to name a few. Their body’s will be transformed by vigorous exercise by the departments (PTI) Physical Training Instructors.

End result, upon completion of new entry training, these men will be lean, mean fighting machines, well equipped to handle the many challenges they may face during their service. They will have learned the core values of the Force as they carry out the primary mandate, the defence of The Bahamas.


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