Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel, along with the Officers of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force recently held a farewell luncheon reception at HMBS Coral Harbour for Commander Patrick Davis and Lieutenant Commander Aaron Mader of the US Embassy.

Both Commander Davis and Lieutenant Commander Mader had completed their tours of duty in The Bahamas. Commander Davis served as Senior Defense Attaché, and Lieutenant Commander Mader was the United States Coast Guard Liaison Officer at the US Embassy in The Bahamas respectively. Both Officers were accompanied by their wives Jessica Mader and Debra Davis.

Also in attendance were Commander Kevin Self, who replaces Commander Davis as Senior Defense Attaché, along with other Office of Defense Cooperation Personnel from the US Embassy. Commander Davis and Lieutenant Commander Mader were showered with accolades and tokens of appreciation for their accomplishments while working along with the Defence Force during his tenure in the country.

Commodore Bethel thanked both Officers, spoke highly of their professional working relationships, and wished them well in their future endeavors as they leave for new assignments.

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