Remembrance Day is a day recognized by The Bahamas and countries throughout the British colonies to memorialize the veterans who served during World Wars I and II in the British Army. In 1919, King George V instituted the day in honour of these men and women.

Today, in The Bahamas, we commemorate this event on the nearest Sunday to November 7th. Therefore every year, the second Sunday in November, the men and women who served during the World Wars are remembered.

To celebrate Remembrance Day, two services are held; the first being an ecumenical service which is followed by a ceremonial march to the second service in the Garden of Remembrance. On this day, wreaths were laid at the foot of the Cenotaph monument by Her Excellency the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, the Honorable Chief Justice, the Honorable President of the Senate, the Honorable Speaker of the House of Assembly, members of the Diplomatic Corps, and representatives of the armed and civic services.

The names of those who served appear on a plaque at the base of the monument which was erected in their honour.

In the days leading up to and following Remembrance Day, one may notice many people wearing red poppies. This is another way to express appreciation for those who died for their country. These red flowers found their significance in that they grew on the battlefields after World War I came to an end.


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