The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is committed to its mandate of guarding the heritage of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Some members have willingly taken to exercising patriotic behaviour within their communities, kindling sparks that they hope will ignite flames towards positive development, peace and progress within our little country.

This week’s focus is on a songbird of a woman who has demonstrated discipline of character throughout her career in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. This lady is the talented Leading Woman Marine Eunice Rolle, who enlisted as a member of Woman Entry 4. A 24-year veteran of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Leading Woman Marine Eunice Rolle has been attached to many departments therewith, including Commando Squadron, Administration, Squadron, Port Security as well as Pilot Escorts, Prosecution, Base Executive Office and Captain Coral Harbour’s Office. Currently Defence Headquarters is lucky to have her as an integral part of their staffing.

Even though Leading Woman Rolle has been a career servicewoman, she is an avid songstress who makes time to do just that—sing! She is a proud member of the internationally known group Barak Ministry. She has also sung background vocals for international gospel artists such as Veda McCoy and Dorothy Norwood. Eunice is presently with the Denczil Rolle and friends singing group, who holds workshops throughout family islands, teaching fundamentals of singing. Inspiringly, Eunice is also about to launch her own vocal workshops, coaching prospective singer-hopefuls at her church, Christian Tabernacle Church. She’s truly about furthering her Father’s business, with many upcoming projects, including the release of a music album sometime next year, one of her lifetime goals.

Curious, I asked her what has kept her passion of singing alive so long. She replied simply, “the love of God and of music, if it is a passion of yours the love for it will never fade.” Her mother, Luanna Rolle who had just recently passed away in January of 2016 has been her source for inspiration for her talent. Considering that she has been singing, since the age of 11, I’m inclined to agree with her. She has sung at many Royal Bahamas Defence Force church services and talent shows, and her participation is not only welcomed, but expected at our functions. She has recently completed a well-attended concert on Friday the 4th of November, under the theme, “A New Day”. Here, Eunice rendered 2 selections, one with the Barak choir and a few other solo performances where she sang songs such as, “Joy” and “Trust Me” …needless to say she brought the house down. We salute one of our own, for nurturing her raw talent and using it where she was for so long. Bravo Zulu to you.

Remember to stay tuned each month as this series continues to showcase several of the hardworking servicemen and servicewomen who are not only good Officers and Marines, but are excellent nation builders within their own right. If you know any other Officers or Marines in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force that engages your community in a positive way, feel free to leave a comment, a message or a nomination. Their story may be next!!

Story by: Able Seaman Huden Johnson

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