Brigadier General Maurizio Calabrese visited and toured HMBS Captain Coral Harbour Base on 08 July, 2024. He serves as the Director of Intelligence and Information for North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command, both headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado. In this capacity, he serves as the Senior Intelligence Advisor to the Commander of NORAD and USNORTHCOM and directs all intelligence operations for both commands.

During the visit, Captain McPhee and Brigadier Maurizio Calabrese discussed matters of mutual interest, and exchanged pleasantries. The RBDF delegation comprised Captain of Coral Harbour Captain Glenn McPhee, the Force Inspectorate Officer Captain Natasha Miller, the Strategy and Operations Planning Officer Senior Commander Milton Munroe, the Base Executive Officer Commander Origin Deleveaux, the Human Resources Officer Lieutenant Commander Thora Gardiner, the Harbour Patrol Unit Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Rupethera Symonette, and the Acting Staff Intelligence Officer, Senior Lieutenant Julian Smith. The US delegation comprised Brigadier General Maurizio Calabrese, Senior Defense Official/ Defence Attaché Captain Gregg Gellman, Bilateral Affairs Officer Captain Jonathan Griffith, the new Senior Defence Official/ Defense Attaché Commander Victor Lang, the new Bilateral Affairs Officer Captain Charles McCurdy and Major Kyle Rich.

Discussions focused on potential opportunities for collaboration on operations, activities, and investments (OAIs) in The Bahamas. The discussions were followed by brief tours of the Operations Command Center.

In keeping with the Commander Defence Force’s intent of strengthening Security Cooperation relationships particularly with regional and international partners, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to embrace opportunities that enhance the organization’s strategic posture that ensures the RBDF is well manned, trained and equipped to accomplish its missions successfully. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to the pursuit of excellence in guarding our heritage.

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