Coral Harbour Base, 27 AUG. ‘19 (RBDF): The newly appointed Executive Committee Members of the British Legion – Bahamas Branch (BLBB) paid a courtesy call on Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel on August 23, 2019. Royal Bahamas Defence Force Reservist Adina Munroe-Charlow, the newly elected Chairman of the British Legion Bahamas Branch was in attendance, along with other members of the BLBB’s executive committee. Members in attendance included: Father Andrew Toppin: 1st Vice Chairman/1st Assistant Treasurer/Chaplain; Rachel Strachan: 2nd Vice Chairman/2nd Assistant Treasurer/Executive Secretary; Ms. Christine Humes: Volunteer Officer and Ms. Claudine Bethell: Administrator/Welfare Officer The new executive team was introduced to Commodore Bethel and members of the RBDF’s senior command, and reported on the Branch’s recent achievements and its upcoming activities, which include a ceremony to be held in Rawson Square in honour of World Wars I and II veterans later this year. The Commander Defence Force also thanked the immediate past President, Bishop Cephas Ferguson, (in his absence) for his remarkable leadership and dedication to the success and the much improved welfare of BLBB members on behalf of the RBDF members. He and his Executive and senior command team congratulated also congratulated Reservist Munroe-Charlow on her recent appointment and commended her for the outstanding accomplishments made by BLBB during her prior tenure as 1st Assistant Secretary.

With an already strong relationship established between the British Legion and the Defence Force since 2012, the Defence Force continues to pay homage and to honour those who have fought for the freedoms Bahamians enjoy today. Additionally, the Defence Force was instrumental in making it possible for BLBB’s veterans and their widows to receive monthly pensions from the British Government by establishing a working relationship with the BLBB as required by the British Legion organization. A bond between the two organizations was established seven years ago with the appointment of RBDF Reservist Munroe-Charlow as the Defence Force’s Liaison with the Branch by Commodore Roderick Bowe (retired) in 2012. Since that time, the RBDF has provided logistical and ceremonial support for the Branch, which included the Branch’s Annual Church Services and Memorial Services. In November 2019, the RBDF assisted the Branch with the hosting of a wreath laying ceremony at Rawson Square in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the ending of World War 1 on 11th November 1918. During this event, the late Sir Etienne Dupuch, was recognized from the Caribbean region for his contributions during the war effort, and the late Mrs. Mary Moseley, was also honored for her role in the establishment of the Belgium Relief Fund in England during World War 1. The RBDF also conducts military funeral ceremonies for World War veterans. In September 2017, the Defence Force adopted the Veterans Cemetery on Infant View Road where it assists with its upkeep through the services of the men and women within the Defence Force’s Military Police and Force Protection Department. Today, the Defence Force continues to press forward in caring for our Veterans as it Guards Our Heritage.

The Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel and his Senior Command along with the newly appointed Executive Committee Members of the British Legion – Bahamas Branch (BLBB) and representatives from the RBDF’Military Police and Force Protection Unit.

(RBDF Photo by Marine Seaman Michael Turner II)

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