Photo Shows: RBDF Color Party and Guard.

“Easter is a time when many people make a personal sacrifice in the observance of the Lenten Season. Some individuals fast and pray more earnestly, while others give up something tangible or materialistic. In carrying out our duties, we may have to make personal sacrifices of our time and families or may be called upon to lay down one’s life for the country. It is during this time that we remember that God sent His Son, born of a virgin to offer us hope in the Messiah, the Savior of the world.

This Easter, we celebrate one of the most solemn events of the religious calendar, the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He laid down His life for the remission of sin for the entire world, and in doing so, he died that you may live again a more abundant life.

This Easter as you continue to feel the effects of Covid-19 on our economy, let us remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves, like those who may have lost their jobs.

Let’s be reminded to extend the hand of mercy to others, after all, we are the hands and feet of our savior the Lord Jesus Christ. As the last line of defense for our country, we are to be bearers of joy and hope for our country. Collectively as a Force, let’s practice being kind to one another.

Also, during this season, focus on ways to build this great organization. Ask yourself, how I can give more to the building and guarding of our heritage. This is indeed a season to celebrate. Let’s celebrate in words of affirmation, acts of kindness, and good gesture towards one’s neighbor, and most of all, be kind and forgiving of oneself.

Continue to keep hope alive as we carry out our duties knowing that whatever may come our way, we can face anything with God on our side. This Easter Holiday, let us continue to keep safe, by practicing safety protocols. Use this time to spend time with loved ones and family building memories to echo throughout eternity.”

– Commodore Dr. Raymond King

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