Sixty-three participants from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force successfully completed various training courses conducted by the Marine Forces North (MARFORNORTH) of the United States Marine Corps. Lasting just under 3 weeks, the training included the areas of: Combat Skills Training (CST), Urban Tactics (UT), Marine Core Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) and Tactical Questioning.

Some of the areas covered included Combat Shooting Skills, Combat Operations in Urban Areas, Hand-to-Hand and Close Quarters Combat Techniques and Detainee & Document Handling in Offensive, Defensive, Stability and Support Operations. All training received focused on the development of each marine’s character, responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills needed in today’s modern battlefield.

The participants were split into 4 groups, from which outstanding graduates were awarded for their excellent performance during the training. Marines who excelled within their class included:

Combat Shooting Training – Marine Seaman Samuel Lewis
Close Quarters Combat – Marine Seaman Lyndon Rolle
Marine Core Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) – Marine Seaman Rhemar Lewis
Tactical Questioning – Leading Seaman Oscar Finlayson.

In addition to receiving certificates, all participants of the MCMAP training received Grey Belts, which is the second belt ranking. Congratulating the graduates was Captain Clyde Sawyer, Captain Coral Harbour, who encouraged the graduates to put all they have learned into practice. He also extended his appreciation for the effort and commitment shown during the course of their training.

The growth and effectiveness of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force is the direct result of a leading organization ensuring that its greatest assets are properly equipped with the skills necessary to carry out its mandate – to Guard Our Heritage.

By: Marine Seaman Michael Turner II

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