On behalf of my Executive Command, and the members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Officer and Enlisted Corps, my wife, and myself, I express sincerest condolences to Chief Petty Officer Dwight Gibson and his family on the loss of his wife, Mrs. Tami Gibson, as a result of a tragic vehicle accident that occurred during The Bahamas’ annual Labour Day Parade yesterday.

We also extend sincerest condolences to the families of those who also lost their loved ones during the same incident. And wish speedy recovery for many who were injured during the unfortunate accident.

As the wife of a senior Noncommissioned Officer in the Defence Force, Mrs. Gibson was a part of our extended family for many years. Our prayers, thoughts and support are with you and your family Chief Petty Officer Gibson, as well as with the families of those who suffered the tragic loss of their loved ones and those recovering from their injuries.

May God’s grace and peace keep you and comfort you.

Commodore Tellis Bethel

Commander Defence Force

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