Royal Bahamas Defence Force Patrol Craft P-45 brought the 46 Dominican fishermen into the Coral Harbour Base shortly after 2:00 am Monday morning. They were apprehended in the area of Cay Lobos on Sunday morning by Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship (HMBS) Madeira onboard a 70-foot steel hull Dominican Fishing Vessel ‘Ronnie’, with a large quantity of fishery products onboard.

The men were turned over to

apprehended a Dominican fishing vessel for poaching in Bahamian waters on.

After receiving information of 3 foreign vessels in the area of Guinchos Cay, HMBS Madeira, under the command of Senior Lieutenant William Sturrup was immediately dispatched to the area to investigate. was apprehended approximately 20 nautical miles south east of Cay Lobos with 46.

Further investigations resulted in the discovery of.

Two other Dominican Fishing Vessels that were in the vicinity fled the area into Cuban waters.

This latest incident comes follows the apprehension of an American sailing yacht with 6 American nationals on Friday afternoon by the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park Warden with the support of Defence Force Marines assigned to the Park.

Prior to that, Defence Force patrol craft HMBS Durward Knowles apprehended 4 Dominican fishermen aboard a 50-ft Dominican fishing vessel for poaching on June 16 on the Great Bahama Bank. This arrest was the result of close collaboration with the Bahamian fishing community. These men have since been charged before the Nassau courts.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to protect the territorial integrity of The Bahamas.



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