Royal Bahamas Defence Force military divers found the body of a male in a submerged vehicle in the Sea Breeze Canal on Saturday afternoon.

On Tuesday 27th October, the day Marines from the Defence Force’s Commando Squadron found a stolen vessel in the Sea Breeze Canal area, they also came across a car bumper with its licence plate attached.

Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that the bumper came from a car that belonged to a person who was reported missing. Military divers from Commando Squadron were immediately called in to conduct a search of the Sea Breeze Canal; results of the initial search were negative.

On the morning of Saturday 31st October, however, a collaborative search effort involving Defence Force Marines and military divers from Commando Squadron, volunteers, and family members of the missing person was conducted of Sea Breeze and South Beach Canals. A few hours into the search, evidence led a team to the water’s edge of the Sea Breeze Canal.

Defence Force military divers then carried out a dive of the immediate area where they found a vehicle underwater fitting the description of the missing person’s car. In searching the fully submerged vehicle, military divers discovered the body of a male inside.

Police were then notified, who arrived on the scene and commenced their investigations. The identity of the body is unconfirmed at this time.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to “Guarding our Heritage.”

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