Shortly after 6:00 p.m. this evening, one male occupant driving a white Mercury Saber, drove overboard at the Kelly’s Dock in the Downtown area. Acting Sub Lieutenant Preston Moss, RBDF was in the area at the time to witness the incident. He quickly sprang into action and alerted both the Defence Force Operations as well as Defence Force military divers from his nearby vessel to assist. He also made contact with the Police Control Room.

The male occupant of the vehicle was later seen swimming from the vehicle and was retrieved from the water by Defence Force Military Divers, Petty Officer Kenneth Walkes and Leading Mechanic Narada Fernander. The lone male occupant was unable to confirm if any other occupants were in the vehicle. As a result Defence Force Military Divers continued to search the immediate area with negative results.

The male driver of the then submerged vehicle was later handed over to the Police Marine Unit for further investigations.

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