Officers and Marines of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force attended the HMBS Flamingo Remembrance Service held at the Parish of St. Gregory The Great, Carmichael Road on May 19, 2024.

Reverend Canon S. Sebastian Campbell led the service, delivering a heartfelt message of thankfulness for the brave crew of the ill-fated Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship FLAMINGO. He paid special tribute to not just the four Marines who lost their lives in the tragic event, but also all of the men who were present as crewmembers on May 10, 1980.

Reverend Campbell suggested that, forty-four years later, more can be done to honor and solidify the memories and sacrifices of these national heroes.

Minister of National Security, the Honourable Wayne Munroe who was also in attendance, played a key role in leading the service alongside Reverend Canon S. Sebastian Campbell. Commander Sydney Whymms led the RBDF contingent attending the service which highlighted the sacrifices made by the crew of HMBS Flamingo, reaffirming their status as national heroes and highlighting the enduring commitment of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force to honor their legacy.

The service was a poignant reminder to preserve the memories of the fallen Marines who selflessly gave their lives in the service of their nation, aligning with the intent of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King.

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