In a climate where global peace is increasingly fragile, and criminal activities pervade transnational borders too easily, intentional regional and international synergy is vitally important, particularly within the realm of national security.

Hence, for the last two years, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, along with members of the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and United States Special Operations Command North (SOCNORTH) have been occupied with a series of planning conferences, exchanges and exercises that will culminate during these first two weeks in May, right here in The Bahamas in what has come to be known EXERCISE MARLIN SHIELD 16.

It comes on the heels of the recently completed Coral Cays Exercise which was a table top exercise discussing the RBDF role and responsibilities in the event of a mass migrant unrest that was completed on April 20th; as well as a Rehearsal of Concept Drill for Marlin Shield which took place from April 20 – 22nd and acted as a refining platform for the staging of the multi-phased, multi-platformed, multi-lateral training.

The Exercise, MARLIN SHIELD 16 is a bilateral, counter-terrorist one aimed at improving the interoperability context between the Defence Force and the US SOCNORTH.

During the exercise, areas in and around New Providence, Eleuthera and Exuma will experience an increased military presence, particularly in the air and sea. The Bahamian public are advised to pay heed to radio and broadcasted warnings about areas to avoid during the first two weeks in May and be reminded that the Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to guarding our heritage.

Photo shows: Leading Seaman Adderley (RBDF Air Wing), guiding a Blackhawk Helicopter engaged in sling-load operations on Coral Habour Base in support of target development for Exercise MARLIN SHIELD. The Bahamas is a key transshipment point for goods (both licit and illicit), entering the U.S. and creates challenges for the Bahamians in enforcing sovereignty and responding to security threats. MARLIN SHIELD aims to actively exercise and practice ways to combat these challenges.”

Photo credit: Marine Seaman Kyle Smith
(For further information contact the RBDF Public Relations Department)


“Guard Our Heritage”

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