Defence Headquarters, 30 JAN’ 24 (RBDF): Major General Constance Jenkins and Sergeant Major Montrell Kea paid a courtesy call to Captain Coral Harbor, Captain Glenn McPhee on board HMBS Coral Harbor Base on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

The primary reason for their visit was to participate in an official handover ceremony for Disaster Response equipment donated to The Bahamas.

Captain Gleann McPhee, along with members of the Executive Leadership Team and Senior Enlisted, welcomed Major General Jenkins. The greetings were followed by a general salute from the honor guard, commanded by Sub Lieutenant Opal Farquarson.

During the meeting, Major General Jenkins discussed subjects of common interest and underscored the significance of upholding seniority while staying true to oneself. She also emphasized to the team the importance of aligning with individuals who excel in areas where one may have limitations.

Under the command of Commodore Raymond King, the RBDF is committed to exploring advanced technology and fostering innovation. By embracing modern technology and encouraging creative thinking, personnel are empowered to contribute to the ongoing success of the RBDF.

Writer: Marine Seaman Tenaj Wallace

Photographer: Marine Seaman Tenaj Wallace

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