In honor of the Month of the Military Child, the RBDF Family Support Organization, along with the Morale, Welfare And Recreation Unit, celebrated with boys and girls from Remnant Academy, Carmichael Road, and Faith Way Christian Academy.  

Force Chief Petty Officer (Retired), Fredricka King, alongside Force Chief Petty Officer Antoine Adams and Petty Officer Edna Hart, attended and highlighted the significance of this month, shedding light on the many challenges faced by military families and planned activities to honor these resilient children.

The morning assembly at Remnant Academy featured the school’s choir and student talent, setting a positive tone for the day. Senior Commander Granville Adderley demonstrated the RBDF troop carrier, offering an exciting and interactive display for the kids. While there, the Public Relations Section also used the time to share valuable information which offered a greater understanding of the nation’s first line of defence.

In addition to Remnant Academy, Lieutenant Commander Elvis Bullard (MWRO), and Able Woman Marine Gwen Ambrister engaged with students of Faith Way Christian Academy during their morning assembly, leaving a lasting impact on all involved. This initiative not only celebrated the Month of the Military Child but also fostered pride and understanding, bridging the gap between the military community and the youth.

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