Coral Harbour Base, 21 NOV. ‘19 (RBDF): A male adult was apprehended by the Operations Team of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in Abaco Wednesday evening after stolen goods was found in his home.

During a routine search patrol and search by the team of RBDF Marines in Coopers Town, an assortment of suspected stolen goods ranging from house appliances, groceries and vehicle tire and other car parts were discovered in his house.

The suspect was taken into custody and turned over to Police officials for further investigation.

The Commanding Officer of the Hurricane Relief is Commander Michael Simmons, who also serves as Commanding Officer Northern Command (Abaco and Grand Bahama). Under his leadership, the humanitarian and security operations of the teams being deployed have increased.  Along with establishing two main bases in Central Abaco, he has also been responsible for providing mobile trailers for RBDF personnel in North Abaco and the surrounding cays.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to protecting the territorial integrity of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

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Stolen Goods Retrieved by Defence Force Marines.
Stolen Goods Retrieved by Defence Force Marines

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