Photo shows: French soldiers from the Naval Ship (FS) Dumont D’Urville conducting Maritime training exercise on Monday 16 April 2021 at the Defence Force Base with members of the RBDF Commando Squadron. (RBDF Photos by Able Seaman Fredrick Russell)

In keeping with the organization’s Maritime Security Plan which focuses on decentralized, intelligence-driven, and joint maritime interdiction operations, members of the Commando Squadron Department recently participated in a one-day training exercise at the Defence Force Base.

On Monday 16 April 2021, Defence Force Personnel along with French counterparts from the French Naval Ship (FS) Dumont D’Urville, began their operation with French Divers conducting pier surveys alongside the jetties. This was followed by a French Beach Landing Craft being deployed to an area adjacent to the Defence Force Base, where RBDF Marines embarked the vessel and briefly departed the harbour to simulate an insertion operation.

Members of the Commando Squadron unit proceeded to the Armored Passenger Vehicle (APV) to conduct a room clearance exercise onboard HMBS CORAL HARBOUR. This simulation operation was videotaped by the RBDF Public Relations Department in collaboration with the French Combat Camera personnel, along with aerial coverage by a drone deployed by Swift Tactical Systems.

The FS Dumont D’Urville is responsible for rendering humanitarian assistance to Caribbean countries in times of natural disasters. They conduct offshore assistance as well as anti-pollution operations.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to interoperability and compatible security operations with regional and international partner nations while Guarding Our Heritage.

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