Photo shows: The Deputy Commander Defence Force, Captain Pinder conducting a tour of The Bahamas Maritime Surveillance System, during a tour of the SOUTHERN COMMAND from Friday 6 August through Monday 9 August 2021. Also shown are: Senior Commander, Carlon Bethel, Communications Branch Commander, and Mr. Frank Peiser, Senior Systems Engineer, Cambridge International. (RBDF Photo courtesy of RBDF SOUTHERN COMMAND)

In keeping with the Commander Defence Force’s strategic objective for Decentralization, Captain Shonedel Pinder conducted a four-day tour of the SOUTHERN COMMAND from Friday 6 August through Monday 9 August 2021.  

Accompanying him on the trip were the Captain SOUTHERN COMMAND Captain Glenn McPhee and the Master-At-Arms SOUTHERN COMMAND Force Chief Petty Officer Kevin Fountain. 

During the busy trip, the Deputy Commander Defence Force conducted inspections of all facilities onboard HMBS Matthew Town, Inagua and HMBS Gunn Point, Ragged Island to ensure personnel are maintaining the highest standard of naval discipline and bearing while ensuring the operational readiness of assets and equipment. The visit also provided an opportunity to assess the morale and welfare, as well as reinforce the Commander Defence Force’ Strategic Vision regarding decentralization. While addressing concerns he commended the officers and marines for their commitment and contributions towards the fulfilment of the RBDF mission and mandate. 

Captain Pinder conducted an inspection of the crew of HMBS Kamalamee, under the command of Senior Lieutenant Jataro McDonald, which was alongside during a Routine Patrol of the Southern Bahamas. A tour of The Bahamas Maritime Surveillance System led by Senior Commander, Carlon Bethel, Communications Branch Commander, allowed Captain Pinder to see first-hand, the multilayered security network of the long-range coastal radar which was commissioned in April 2019. 

Captain Pinder used the opportunity to pay courtesy calls on Mr. Marlon Leary, Island Administrator, Superintendent Walter Henderson, Royal Bahamas Police Force Officer in Charge of the Inagua District, Senior Customs Officer Codero Edgecombe, and Grade 1 Immigration Officer Elmore Pratt, where he thanked them for their continued partnership. He also visited the Operation Bahamas Turks and Caicos (OPBAT) facility where he was greeted and given a brief tour of the facility by Lieutenant Ryan Stille, Air Traffic Commander. 

The Deputy Commander Defence Force, Captain SOUTHERN COMMAND and the HMBS Matthew Town Deployment Team worshipped at Wesley Methodist Church with Bro. Colin Ingraham Sr. during the Sunday morning service. Afterwards, the Deputy Commander Defence Force joined the Troops for dinner and reiterated the SOUTHERN COMMAND’S Mission: To ensure continuity of administration, operations, and logistical support for all RBDF missions originating, transiting through or around the southern Bahamas. 

The HMBS Matthew Town Deployment Team is currently led by Lieutenant Darius Adams, Base First Lieutenant SOUTHERN COMMAND while the HMBS Gunn Point Deployment is currently led by Chief Petty Officer Terrance Arnette. The tour also included reconnaissance patrol flights across the southeastern Bahamas to maintain our vigilant posture to guard and protect the territorial integrity of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to the pursuit of excellence as the Officers and Marines continue to Guard our Heritage. 

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