RBDF Photo shows members of the Engineering Department and Fleet Maintenance Section performing community work on Friday March 21, 2021.

As a part of Commander Defence Force, Commodore, Dr. Raymond King’s strategic plans for community relations as a socially corporate partner, members of the Engineering Department along with the Fleet Maintenance section took time out to assist in a clean-up effort near the South Beach Pools on Friday, May 21, 2021. 

In showing their support for the community, the technical team was able to pause from their daily routine to remove debris from along the main thoroughfare which leads to the recreational pool. This included clearing fallen trees and branches from the area, and removing trash and debris. 

Spearheaded by Force Chief Petty Officers Marcello Charlow and Arthur McDonald, the Technical Warrant Officers for the Department, the initiative by the men and women presented the opportunity to serve the community and show what it means to be responsible, civic-minded, and grateful citizens.  

Lieutenant Commander Gordon Roberts, the Base Engineering Officer said that as a part of fulfilling the Commander Defence Force’s intent of maintaining a meaningful and favorable relationship with the community, the Engineering Department has also included numerous outreach initiatives in its calendar, which are also aligned with their daily routines. 

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is committed to “Guarding our Heritage” through opportunities as these, where nation-building plays a vital role.

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