The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) congratulates several of its members, who have answered the higher call to service in the Gospel Ministry on April 8, 2018.
The six RBDF men and women were among 40-plus persons ordained as Ministers and Deacons by Apostle Christopher Russell, senior Pastor of Christian Tabernacle Church on Robinson Road. Lieutenant Delvonne Duncombe was ordained as Pastor of Whosoever Will Discipleship Center.
Apostle Russell, who is also a former member of the RBDF, challenged the ordinands to commit their lives to the work of the ministry in serving the body of Christ. He also reminded them that this significant and solemn moment in their lives may not be an easy one, but one which is deemed necessary in today’s world.
In attendance at the service was Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel, and a number of members of the Defence Force. Commodore Bethel commended the Officers and Marines, who were ordained, for adding to their responsibilities to protect and serve the Commonwealth of The Bahamas (as members of the Defence Force) through their commitment to Christian Ministry.

Members of the Defence Force ordained during the ceremony were:

Lieutenant Delvonne Duncombe – Ordained & installed as Pastor of Whosoever Will Discipleship Centre.
Lieutenant Thora Gardiner – Ordained as a Deaconess at Christian Tabernacle Church
Woman Petty Officer Shamica Duncombe – Ordained as Minister at Whosoever Will Discipleship Centre. She is also the wife Lieutenant Duncombe
Petty Officer David Turner – Ordained as a Minister at Christian Tabernacle Church
Petty Officer Paulamae Seymour – Ordained as a Minister at Christian Tabernacle Church
Petty Officer Tamico Adderley – Ordained as a Deacon at Christian Tabernacle Church

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