From left: Able Seaman Gharvis Sturrup, Woman Marine Raynell Delaney, Marine Seaman Dominic Williamson, Woman Marine Branae Coakley and Able Seaman Michael Gibson at the 11th Annual Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas (Race Weekend) race on Sunday January 19th, 2020.

Kudos go out to the Officers and Marines of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) for a great showing at The 11th Annual Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas (Race Weekend) race on Sunday January 19th, 2020.

The RBDF had a total of 2 relay teams and 3 individual half-marathon runners in the competition. The RBDF Road Runners 1 Team consisting of Able Seamen Gharvis Sturrup and Michael Gibson and Marine Seamen Wellington Ramsey and Marvin Minns finished with an overall time of three hours, twenty-eight minutes and eighteen seconds (3:28:18).

Team RBDF Road Runners 2 consisting of Marine Seamen Troy Seymour and Dominic Williamson, and Woman Marines Branae Coakley and Raynell Delaney completed with a total finish time of four hours, fifty-five minutes and twenty-three seconds (4:55:23).

Lieutenant Commander Derrick Ferguson, Leading Seaman Vandyke Adderley and Leading Mechanic Edney Russell also participated in the half marathon segment.

The 26.2 miles race commenced at Junkanoo Beach (west of downtown Nassau), headed east through downtown Nassau over the western Paradise Island bridge and immediately returning over the eastern Paradise Island bridge. The route continued east onto Montagu Beach then onto Shirley Street all the way to Cumberland Street north. At Bay Street, the course continued westward, hugging the northern shores of Cable Beach, Delaporte and West Bay Street with the turnaround ¼-mile west of Compass Point, returning to the eastern entrance to Arawak Cay. 

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