Defence Headquarters, 27 FEB. ‘23 (RBDF): Participants of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Rangers program and their instructors recently engaged in an overnight training exercise on Saturday February 25, 2023 to Sunday February 26, 2023 on New Providence.

The Rangers endured a sixteen (16) mile hike through a rugged terrain, designed to instill discipline and teach them survival skills in a field environment. During the exercise, Rangers also practiced various skills learned in the program inclusive of rope tying and core values. The hike which included students from grades 7 to 9, concluded on Sunday February 26, 2023. Another overnight exercise scheduled for March 4, 2023 to March 5, 2023, will consist of students from grades 10 to 12.

The Rangers Program is in direct correlation with Commander Defence Force’s Organizational Campaign, with emphasis on sustainment in preparing future generations for enlistment in the Defence Force and society. The RBDF remains committed to development of our nation’s youth.

(RBDF photos by Marine Seaman Tenaj Wallace)

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