Approximately 20 Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Rangers cadets are better prepared with fundamental skills after successfully completing phase 1 of the Journalism Course at the RBDF Rangers Summer Camp in Grand Bahama. A total of 70 Rangers are attending the event, which is being held in Freeport.
Last month 38 young Rangers completed a 2-week Rangers Music Camp in Nassau where a
number of them learned how to play a musical instrument for the first time. During the first
week of this latest Summer Program that is being held in Freeport, the young students completed
a Writing Course as the first phase of the 3-week training program.
The Writing Course was led by Marine Seaman Michael Turner, who focused on various topics
that are relevant to the work of journalism. Topics included Newswriting Fundamentals, Feature
Writing, Responsible Journalism, Journalism Ethics and Conducting Interviews.
Ranger Cadet Jacquelle Cooper, a 13-year-old student at the North Long Island High School,
was elated to have been a part of the Journalism course.
“It increased my writing skills a lot,” said Cooper. “I can now write a whole story without
hesitation. Because the course exposed me to lots of information. I can even publish stories in the
The entire course aims to expose the Rangers to the field of journalism, and to also teach and
develop some of the valuable skills needed to function within the field, including writing,
photography, videography and graphic design.
Jenneva Russell, a photojournalist from the Freeport News was a guest speaker at the camp. She
spoke about responsible journalism and some of the possibilities which exist in the field. Rangers

also had the opportunity to visit Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation Northern Service where they
were taken on a tour of the facility and spoke candidly of their experience on camera.
The second phase of the course will focus on photography and the third phase will cover
videography and graphic design.
The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is proud to be playing a positive part in developing the
potential of tomorrow’s leaders by investing in their lives today.

(Photos by Marine Seaman Michael Turner)


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