Marines from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force showcased their talents as they competed in a recent internal swimming competition held at HMBS Coral Harbour Base.

Captain Carlon Bethel, Leading Seaman Kurt Stubbs, and Able Mechanic Elway Pickstock demonstrated their exceptional swimming skills and determination in the freestyle category, securing the top positions.

Able Woman Marine Yasmine Symonette and Chief Petty Officer Antoddya Johnson represented the female contingent with remarkable displays of fitness in the breaststroke event.

Able Mechanic Elway Pickstock and Able Seaman Ashton Strachan showed off their agility and speed as they dominated the side stroke event for males, while Able Woman Marine Yasmine Symonette showcased her skills once again, claiming victory in the female side stroke event.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force extends congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances and commendable efforts during this fitness event.

With ‘performance excellence’ as his focus, Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King is committed to fostering an inclusive working environment which develops, and empowers the Defence Force’s personnel, through meaningful involvement of its members.

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