DEFENCE HEADQUARTERS, 18 JAN. ‘23 (RBDF): A special welfare visit was made to members of the Harbour Patrol Unit today by Force Chaplain, Apostle Raymond Wells, Welfare Officer Lieutenant Commander Elvis Bullard and other members from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Chaplaincy Office.

The department saw the need to reflect, honor, and bring spiritual encouragement to those at the unit after the passing of the Late Marine Seaman Alvarez McCoy. Amidst a somber atmosphere, Chaplain Wells encouraged McCoy’s comrades to remain strong and resilient through this time of great sadness. In closing, Chaplain Wells and Force Chief Petty Officer John Ingraham also lifted special prayers for his coworkers.

On behalf of the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King, Members of his Executive Team, Officers, Warrant Officers, Senior Rates, Junior Rates and Veterans of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force extend heartfelt condolences.

(📸RBDF Photos by Marine Seaman Calvin Brown Jr.)

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