On Monday past, celebrated as National Heroes Day around the country, heroes in their own right in the form of Royal Bahamas Defence Force personnel ably assisted by Tropical Shipping volunteers, worked late into the evening loading the Defence Force’s 17-piece Containerized mobile base onto HMBS Lawrence Major.

Having surveyed the damage recently, Captain Tellis Bethel, Commander Defence Force (Acting) is adamant about using relevant available resources to help restore the islands of the Bahamas, in this case, the settlements of North Andros to its former glory.

The main aim of the 12-member team led by Sub Lieutenant Elwood Simms and assisted by Petty Officer Rudolph Wilson that is detached to “Mobile Base City” as it has come to be called, is to help coordinate
restoration efforts, thus bringing relief to the hard hit community of North Andros.

They will be providing assistance with meals, potable drinking water, clearance of trees and other debris from thoroughfares and helping to secure and effect minor repairs to government buildings and homes in the area. Teams and relief supplies have been arriving in North Andros both by Royal Bahamas Defence Force vessels as well as Royal Navy helicopter operations throughout the week.

Similarly, HMBS AD Hanna, commanded by Acting Lieutenant Commander Berne Wright, will similarly transport additional teams of Marines and supplies to Freeport to assist with the recovery efforts on that island, which also experienced a severe blow by Hurricane Matthew late last week.#HurricaneMatthew #GuardOurHeritage

RBDF Photo by: Sub Lieutenant D. Corneille and Petty Officer J. Rolle

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