Photo shows: Marine Seaman Brendan Archer receiving his certificate of completion for the Trafficking in Persons Seminar on April 6th, 2021, Coral Harbour Base. From Left: Sargent Sterlin Knowles; Superintendent (Immigration) Stephen Larroda; Chief Probation Officer Ms. Cheryl Carroll; Superintendent (Police) Tess Newbold; Marine Seaman Archer, Acting Captain Coral Harbour – Captain Shawn Adderley; Training Officer – Lieutenant Commander Origin Deleveaux; and Warrant Officer – Force Chief Petty Officer Maxwell Lloyd. (Photo by Able Seaman Paul A. Rolle II)

 As a part of Commander Defence Force, Commodore, Dr. Raymond King strategic plans for enhancing responsiveness to the security environment nationally and regionally, a multilayered one-day Trafficking in Persons (TIPs) training session was conducted at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR on April 6, 2021, by the Training Department.

The objective of the ongoing training workshop is to help improve and sustain the overall objectives of the United Nations Convention on Human Rights, in particular, Trafficking in Persons, as well as The Bahamas’ Trafficking in Persons Act 2008 and its objective to remain a Tier 1 country. Applicable International Law on Trafficking in Persons (UN Protocol) Topics covered include; The Bahamas Legislative Framework, National Bodies on TIPs, Victim Identification/Assistance/Protection, Medical Care for Victims, Victim Interviews, Investigations Prosecution and Punishment, Training, National Coordination and Trafficking in Persons Indicators.

The TIP’s session has been expanded to include all Defence Force personnel who sit the Force’s Advancement, Leadership, Supervisory, and Management Courses. This latest workshop included participants who had completed a three-week Able Seaman advancement course.

The workshop of TIPs Task Force of volunteers was led by Police Superintendent Tess Newbold, Trafficking in Persons Interagency Chairperson Ministry of National Security, along with Training Officer and TIPs committee member Lieutenant Commander Origin Deleveaux and representatives from the Bahamas Immigration Department, Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Department of Social Services. The session was conducted in a comprehensive training form in the method of presentations and panel discussions to raise the awareness of inter-agency roles and responsibilities in combatting this transnational crime.

On completion of the course participants were awarded a certificate by Captain Shawn Adderley, Acting Captain Coral Harbour, along with Lieutenant Commander Deleveaux, Mrs. Tess Newbold, and other committee members. 

Over the years, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force has contributed significantly to the development of the TIPS Task Force from its inception in the areas of training and initial victim identification. The introduction of Defence Force personnel to Trafficking in Persons training programs commenced in 2011.

With the Defence Force being a multi-faceted, multi-purpose agency, Commodore Dr. Raymond King is adamant that partnerships with local law enforcement agencies be strengthened in keeping with the strategic agenda of the Ministry of National Security. As a result, the Force must be adequately prepared to confront a multiplicity of challenges, which includes the prevention, protection, and suppression of Trafficking in Persons.

Photo shows: Sargent Sterlin Knowles of the Royal Bahamas Police Force delivering his presentation detailing the role his organization plays in Trafficking in Persons, on April 6th 2021, at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR. (Photo by Able Seaman Paul A. Rolle II)

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