I take this opportunity to extend a Happy Mother’s Day to all Officers and Marines of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, who bear the responsibility of motherhood, and to all mothers of members of the Defence Force’s Executive Command, as well as the Officer and Enlisted Corps on behalf of my wife, and myself.

Mothers are extraordinary people. They play a very important role in shaping and molding our lives for the better. Our greatest accomplishments are more than likely due to the positive influence and wisdom received from our mothers. 

Many of us are blessed to have mothers with whom we can share this very special occasion.  Whatever your situation, I encourage all, who have an opportunity to do so, to take time out to honour our mothers in a special way today.

A kind word, a written note, a surprise visit, a phone call or a helping hand can go a long way. Let your mothers know that you love and appreciate them. If necessary, find it in your heart to forgive any past mistakes your mother might have made without expectation of reciprocation, being careful not to repeat the same, and mindful that you, too, will make mistakes of your own.

On this day, we appreciate mothers within the Defence Force, who are called to care for their ‘homefront’ while guarding the ‘homeland.’  We also appreciate the mothers of the men and women who serve. We do so especially in light of the burden borne by four mothers who each lost a son after their ship (HMBS Flamingo) was attacked by Cuban military jetfighters one day before Mothers Day Sunday 38 years ago on May 10th, 1980..

I trust that our mothers find encouragement in the following words:

“For all the kind deeds you have done … For all the battles you have won; For all the sacrifices you have made … may our memories of them never fade; For all the wisdom you’ve shared and the hard work you continue to do … may God richly bless and prosper you.”

Commodore Tellis Bethel

Commander Defence Force

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