Screams echoed across Nassau Harbour. This was very unusual. It was these screams that caught the attention of two marines of the Force’s Harbour Patrol Unit that caused them to instinctively spring into action.

Marine Seaman Antionne Cash and Selvin Richards Jr. had recently slipped harbor at the Force’s Harbour Patrol at 1600 hours to conduct their routine duties of surveillance of the cruise ships docked at Prince George Wharf. Twenty minutes into their duties, they heard screaming. Was someone drowning, was their an assault? The screams of desperation were coming from the east and what these two marines saw next, compelled their instinct to act.

Island Girl was on fire. The excessive smoke leading from the vessel confirmed this. In-route, Petty Officer Aubery Tucker who was in command of the Harbour Unit for this duration, was radioed on what was happening. As the heroic two got closer to the vessel, they noticed the occupants of Island Girl on the bow, screaming and waving frantically for help.

Marine seaman Cash was very skilled at small boat handling. He tactfully maneuvered P-111 to the best vantage point, close enough for the occupants of the distressed vessel to jump on-board. “Jump On!” he instructed. Marine Seaman Ricahrds assisted the occupants quickly and safely 0n-board P111. “Is there anyone else onboard?” He asked to which the occupants made their head count. “No, that’s it,” was the general response. Cash and Richards rescued seven.

The rescued occupants were taken to safety at the Harbour Unit. The Island Girl was completely engulfed by the fire.


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