In a brief ceremony at Coral Harbour Base, 28 participants successfully graduated from the Force Reconnaissance Course 02/24, marking another significant milestone for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) and the Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOCS).

This 9-week intensive course, comprised on 28 participants, included 3 individuals from the Royal Bahamas Police Force (Police Constable Chislon Moss, Police Constable Jerome Ferguson and Police Constable Kenrick Johnson) and 4 from the Bahamas Department of Corrections (Corporal Emmerson Bodie Jr., Corrections Officer Vance Mcphee, Sergeant George Stevens, and Corporal Patrick Wright).

The Course Director was Able Seaman Alarick Taylor. He and his team of 6 other instructors who simultaneously completed their Basic Infantry Instructor Course, were responsible for passing on their expertise and skills in various areas.

Recon training, is essential for equipping personnel with the knowledge and ability to function proficiently for military operations. Graduates demonstrated exceptional discipline, physical fitness, and resilience, excelling in the Commando Squadron physical fitness assessment and a grueling miler completed while carrying a load.

The comprehensive curriculum included small arms proficiency, tactical combat casualty care, patrolling techniques, survival skills, land navigation, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, urban terrain tactics, rope work, and combat physical training. This foundational course paves the way for advanced specializations such as dive courses, and special operator training.

As a small celebration in show of the newfound camaraderie and enthusiasm, the course participants celebrated with a small workout session led by Lieutenant Commander Edward Fritz, Commanding Officer for the Commando Squadron Department.

Commodore Raymond King’s leadership is aimed at upholding a tradition of excellence, fostering a high-performance workforce and strengthening collaborations for enhanced security.

Congratulations to all graduates from the Royal Bahamas Police Force, The Bahamas Department of Corrections and The Royal Bahamas Defence Force for their remarkable achievement and dedication to protecting our nation’s legacy.

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