8 Months Later

The Physical Training Education and Instructors Course, Combat and Physical Training Course 2014 Trinidad and Tobago

After eight (8) months of intense training, Leading Woman Marine Denise Oliver along with Able Seaman Shariff Turnquest of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force completed the arduous Physical Training Instructors Course (PTI) and The Combat Physical Training Course in Trinidad and Tobago commencing 6th January-16 August 2014. The course was conducted at The University of the West Indies Spectrum (UWISPEC).

The Physical Training Instructors training phase included classes such as Nutrition, Sociology in Sports, PT Instructional Techniques, Sports Officiating, Concepts of Fitness, Swimming, First Aid, Strength Training, methods of Training, Sports Equipment Maintenance, Teaching Methods, Anatomy and Physiology, Gymnastics, Competition Management, Principles of Program Design and Team Games (Coaching)

The Combat and Physical Training Course consisted of studies such as Combat Speed Marching, Pokey Drill, Obstacle Crossing (land), Hand to Hand Combat, Stretcher Drills, Endurance Training, Battle PT, Interval Training, Circuit Training, River Crossing Drills, Log Training, Rappelling, Emergency Carries, Combat Swimming, Forced Marching and Orienteering.

Successful candidates in both the Physical Training Education and Instructors Course, along with The Combat and Physical Training Course were issued certificates in the various principles and an overall diploma for successful completion of the entire course.
Both Leading Woman Marine Denise Oliver and Able Seaman Shariff Turnquest are committed to excellence and will use the very informative hands on knowledge obtained as a stepping stone and a tool utilized to better enhance the physical awareness and strength of the Force.


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