Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marines left family and friends today to help those in urgent need on Family Islands that were severely impacted by Hurricane Joaquin. The Impact Teams were deployed to San Salvador, Acklins, and Crooked Island, aboard civilian aircraft that were coordinated by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

A team of Marines were also flown into Stella Maris, Long Island yesterday and will be supported by Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship Durward Knowles and Patrol Craft P-301, which are scheduled to arrive in Clarence Town, Long Island late Sunday evening. (Both of these patrol craft were purchased under The Bahamas Government’s Sandy Bottom Project).

While on scene, the teams will conduct damage assessments as well as assist local community leaders and agencies with organizing and distributing food, water, clothing and shelter for immediate relief for those in need. A Defence Force aircraft will also assisting the Red Cross with the transport of emergency medical supplies to Family Islands.

Acting Commander Defence Force, Captain Tellis Bethel, has also assigned a senior naval officer to act as Liaison Officer aboard the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessel Lyme Bay. Lyme Bay is a 580ft amphibious ship that specializes in providing disaster relief assistance. While aboard the ship, Lieutenant Commander Michael Saunders of the Defence Force will assist with coordination of relief efforts for islands in the central Bahamas.

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