Commodore Tellis Bethel, Commander Defence Force, commended fifteen Royal Bahamas Defence Force Rangers Instructors, who successfully completed a one-week Train-the-Trainer program in “EduKarting” at the Defence Force Base last Friday.

Mr. David McLaughlin, President of The Bahamas Motor Sports Association led the instructional program. Edukarting training ciricullum is designed to promote team work, self-confidence, public speaking, basic mechanical skills, marketing and budget skills.

The course also included in a Road Safety Campaign, which took them behind the wheels of the Go Karts. The program teaches adolescences life skills imparting education through automobile-sports.

During a brief graduation ceremony, the Rangers Instructors were presented with certificates of completion. Additionally, 6 Go-Karts were donated to the Defence Force, which will be used to facilitate the EduKarting club in the Rangers program.

Mr. McLaughlin was accompanied by Henry Beaudette, Cart Director of EduKart, Craig Camilleri, Technical Director of EduKart and Susan Schauff, Vice President of Bahamas Motor Sports Association. The the EduKart training team were very impressed by the Rangers Instructors enthusiastic response to the program.

According to Commodore Tellis Bethel, the lessons learned will be taught by Rangers Instructors to Rangers Students to empower them with a strong road safety message through “Stealth Education”.  He thanked the facilitators for sharing the knowledge with the Rangers instructors. And he congratulated the Rangers Director, Lieutenant Duncombe, and his team for accomplishing yet another milestone in a very busy Rangers program.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to protect and preserve the territorial integrity of The Bahamas.

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