Today the Royal Bahamas Defence Force sends a resounding Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers within our ranks and files, as well as to our followers who are mothers. Women in the Force who are mothers have diverse experiences and backgrounds. There are nuclear and blended families as well as mothers managing a single parent home. Some of our mothers were blessed with multiple children, while others celebrate one child. Others have chosen to adopt or provide nourishing foster care. Some of our mothers have been appointed to care for children with special needs and mothers throughout the Force continue to protect their children throughout the various stages of life, whether newborn, in school or college or in the workforce. Bravo Zulu and Best Wishes always.

Force Chief Petty Officer Idamae Ferguson is a quiet storm. She enlisted in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) on 28 October 1985, as a member of Woman Entry 1 and has built a considerable list of firsts for herself within the organization. Currently, and this is significant, she is the first and only female Warrant Office within the organization, advanced during the last Advancement and Promotional Exercise. She was also the first to have achieved the rate of Chief Petty Officer and has been the first female Coxswain on board a RBDF vessel. As a Coxswain, her duties were integral, and the coordination of the sailors fell under her purview. Her service has seen her also assigned to several essential but markedly diverse departments within the Force, including Communications, Training, Accounts, Squadron and Supply, where she currently serves.
As a mother, she was adamant about making both career and home life work to her advantage. She quickly learned to prioritize and budget towards her son’s future. She extends much gratitude and appreciation to relatives that provided a trustworthy support system for her, especially when deployed for days on end.
She adds that a career in the Force, requires much sacrifice for mothers and admits that she has missed many significant occasions because of it. She encourages others to “remain committed to the task to make provisions for your family”. Force Chief Ferguson is a firm believer in honesty and integrity and encourages all mothers to teach their children those qualities. Her son has been reared to maintain a positive relationship with God. She confidently asserts that it has been her faith in the Lord that has kept her calm and at ease when separated from her son for long deployments.
The Force salutes you on your accomplishments and wish you a hearty Mother’s Day. (Story by Able Woman Marine Shari Colebrooke. Photo by Marine Seaman Collison Ingraham)

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