Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to and have followed the advice of our RBDF Physical Training Instructors as well as subject matter experts and guest contributors. But what is Fitness Friday?

Every Friday since January 2020, we provide extremely helpful health and fitness tips geared towards keeping you motivated and engaged in physical activities. If you are hearing about this for the very first time, welcome. Tips include but are not limited to, diet and nutrition, targeted exercises and emotional well being to name a few.

Videos can be viewed on our Facebook page every Friday at 9 am and later on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed as yet, click here for the link.

Episode #14 | Isometrics

Episode #13 | Calisthenics

Episode #12 | Plyometrics

Episode #11 | The COVID-19 Workout

Episode #10 | Beyond Bare Minimum

Episode #9| Keeping The Weight Off

Episode #8| Fit To Fight

Episode #7| Flag Football

Episode #6| The Mind Body Connection

Episode #5| Commitment

Episode #4| Maximum Effort

Episode #3| Endurance Running

Episode #2| Junk-Aerobics

Episode #1| Motivation Check

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