Yesterday, the Canine Section of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force accompanied by Marines stationed of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Port Security Department at Prince George Wharf were successful in locating a package of substance believed to be illegal narcotics.

During a routine sweep on 4th January, the Force’s military canines alerted Marines near a popular area of the Port in the vicinity of Scooter rentals that something was amiss. A Bahamian man fled on foot subsequently. The area was searched and a small quantity of product, believed to be cocaine was found. Two other persons in the immediate area were taken into custody.

The apprehended individuals and confiscated contraband were handed over to Police officials for further investigation. The Port Security Department is currently headed by Lieutenant Commander Ricardo Barry and the Canine Section is managed by Lt. Denzel Marche within the Military Police and Force Protection Department.

The Defence Force’s Port Security Department is responsible for the safety and security of cruise ships and millions of cruise ship passengers that visit or transit the immediate Nassau Port facility annually against terrorist threats and criminal activities.

The Force continues to make its presence felt at various Bahamian ports of entry to protect our borders and guard our heritage.

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