Today the Royal Bahamas Defence Force sends a resounding Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers within our ranks and files, as well as to our followers. Women in the Force who are mothers have diverse experiences and backgrounds. There are basic nuclear and blended families as well as mothers managing a single parent home. Some of our mothers were blessed with multiple children, while others celebrate one child. Others have chosen to adopt or provide nourishing foster care. Some of our mothers have been appointed to care for children with special needs and mothers throughout the Force continue to protect their children throughout the various stages of life, whether newborn, in school or college or in the workforce. Bravo Zulu and Best Wishes always.

Lieutenant Thora Gardiner and her two daughters Tyarah and Breanna.

Lieutenant Gardiner is a 21-year veteran in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force currently working as Secretary for the Commander Defence Force and has 2 daughters, thanks to her blended family.

“Sometimes it’s a bit difficult having to maintain a work/life balance, but that’s why it’s important to have a strong support team behind you when you can’t be there. I had lots of help bringing up my daughters. Being away from home and missing key moments was the most difficult part of being a military mother. I missed my oldest daughter’s graduation from high school! Thankfully they’re older now and understand what I do. They even enjoy helping me get ready for work most mornings.

Tyarah is in college in Halifax, Canada and Breanna is in grade 8 at Akhepran International Academy. Most evenings I get off late, so we share time on the weekends or late in the evening.
The youngest loves to cook, so many nights, I don’t even have to cook. Being a mother for me is my most important role. To other mothers, my advice is when you’re at work, you can still maintain that closeness with your family, but when you’re at home, be at home!” (Marine Seaman Michael Turner)

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