In keeping with the organization’s strategic objective of strengthening its relationship and partnership with critical stakeholders, the National Fisheries Association (NFA) commended Commander Defence Force, Commodore Dr. Raymond King, and the Officers and Marines for the outstanding job they are performing.

During a recent conversation with Commodore King, Mr. Keith Carroll, Intern President of the NFA, expressed gratitude from himself and the fishing community for the hard work and sacrifice being made by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in securing the waters of The Bahamas. According to Mr. Carroll, Bahamian fishermen are seeing signs of the revitalization of fish stocks in the northern and southern waters of The Bahamas.  

“Some of the fishermen told me that they can see lots of groupers and crawfish when they go out to sea,” said Mr. Carroll. “When they dive underwater, they see hundreds and maybe thousands of undersized crawfish, which is an indication that they are spawning at a remarkable rate. The future of fishing in The Bahamas is bright, which can be attributed to the Defence Force patrolling the areas, and maintaining a vigilant lookout for poachers.”

Mr. Keith Carroll, along with his team, recently held talks at the Commander Defence Force’s office, where they expressed matters relating to maritime resources as well as ways to strategically protect fisheries resources.

“I want to congratulate the RBDF on a job well done in the last few years in the south,” said Mr. Carroll. “At one point, you couldn’t find a hogfish or a small grouper in that area, but now, everywhere you go, you see all sizes of groupers and fishes. This is a sign that Dominicans were not present in these areas. So, I just want to say: Good Job Commodore King to you and your entire team. Keep up the good work Sir!”

Commodore King reassured Mr. Carroll that the national fishery resource remains a paramount concern, and the organization remains committed to protecting the fishing environment while guarding and protecting the territorial waters of The Bahamas.

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