Two Dominican fishermen are on the way to the capital by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force after they were apprehended for fishing in Bahamian waters on Wednesday afternoon.
While on routine patrol, HMBS Lignum Vitae, under the command of Senior Lieutenant Bertram
Bowleg intercepted a Dominican skiff with 2 Dominicans onboard in the southern Bahamas. The
men were taken into custody and a further search of the area was conducted.
This is the second apprehension of Dominican fishermen within the past 2 weeks. On Sunday
July 8, a 70-foot steel hull Fishing Vessel ‘Ronnye’ was apprehended approximately east of Cay
Lobos by HMBS Madeira. Approximately 33, 000 pounds of fishery products were confiscated
from that vessel and 46 Dominicans fishermen were charged bedfore the courts.
The Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel, said the Defence Force will continue
to apply pressure in monitoring and apprehending those who violate our marine laws. He also
commended Commander Clarence Dean, the Force’s Commander Operations, and members of
his maritime, land and air components for the outstanding work they are doing.
Prior to June arrest, HMBS Durward Knowles apprehended a 50-ft Dominican fishing vessel on
June 16th on the Great Bahama Bank. The 4 Dominican fishermen in that incident have since
been charged before the courts.

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