Marines of The Royal Bahamas Defence Force recently completed a two-day training course on psychological first aid, conducted onboard HMBS Coral Harbour Base from May 1 to 2, 2023.

Led by instructors from the Bahamas Psychological Association, Dr. Valerie Knowles and Dr. Wendy Fernanda, the course aimed to equip marines with important psychological first aid techniques for use in the aftermath of disasters.

Participants first focused on maintaining their own mental well-being, learning to identify signs of mental distress, and understanding how to effectively support their colleagues.

The training delved into identifying stress factors and providing appropriate responses during challenging situations, ensuring that marines are well-prepared to assist individuals coping with stress in disaster scenarios. The emphasis was on creating a sense of security, reducing stress levels, and promoting self-care among those in need of assistance.

Under the leadership of Commodore Raymond E. King, the Defence Force continues to prioritize initiatives aimed at enhancing security through professional training. With a proactive approach, the RBDF remains steadfast in its commitment to strengthening capabilities and addressing evolving challenges, reaffirming its dedication to safeguarding the nation with unwavering dedication and preparedness.

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