DEFENCE HEADQUARTERS, 28 JAN. ‘23 (RBDF): In an effort to support the intent of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King, to develop a high performance and skilled workforce focused on performance excellence, the Royal Bahamas Defence hosted a Wildland Firefighter Training Course at Coral Harbour Base in conjunction with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the United States Forest Service (USFS) International Program.

The three-day course, which was comprised of joint local agencies, commenced on Tuesday, January 24, to give course participants a theoretical and hands on approach of topics covered in Basic Firefighting, Concepts of Wildland Fires, CPR, and Risk Management.

During the closing ceremony, Director of NEMA, Captain Stephen Russell expressed his appreciation to the USFS team on a collaborative effort to produce self-sufficient and trained professionals. Captain Russell also stated that the training would assist in creating a foundation that will serve as a monumental step to better equip participating agencies with the knowledge and cutting-edge skills to carry out tasks successfully, should the need arise.

Such initiatives continue to display the Commander Defence Force’s commitment to ensuring the advancement and training of service members remains continuous.

(RBDF Photos by Marine Seaman Calvin Brown Jr.)

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