Officers and Marines from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Military Police and Force Protection Department continue their ongoing efforts with the maintenance and upkeep of The Bahamas Veterans Cemetery on Infant View Road.

On Wednesday past, the men and women made repairs to the roof of the alcove which leads into the graveyard as they replaced the worn out shingles. This is one of the many projects which will take place over the ensuing weeks as the country prepares to remember World War I and II veterans.

Coordinated by Commander Frederick Brown, and Chief Petty Officer Lincoln Rolle, the Commander Defence Force granted approval for the Defence Force to adopt the Veterans Cemetery in September, 2017. The partnership provides for its upkeep through the services of the men and women within the Defence Force’s Military Police and Force Protection Department.

“This is a great venture we are embarking on and this is but a small effort to preserve the final resting place of the men and women who fought for our country,” said Chief Petty Officer Lincoln Rolle. “It is also an historical site where tourists visit daily, and it’s only right to give them a great view of our history.”

Last year, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in a joint effort with the US Embassy Marine Corps, in Nassau, removed weeds, mowed grass and painted the entrance to the cemetery. This year, they will continue with additional work on the site.

(RBDF Photo shows the Defence Force Marines making repairs to the roof of the alcove leading into the Infant View Road Cemetery)

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