On the 28th April 2024, HMBS Bahamas along with the seventy (70) member team led by Captain Gregory Brown departed The Bahamas enroute to Barbados to participate in the annual regional Tradewinds exercise.

The exercise saw participants from 28 countries ranging from Canada and the United States in the North, The Caribbean in the South, extending to partner nations in the East such as France, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Approximately 1300 participants engaged in training modules that included but were not limited to:

 Cyber Training

 Special Operation Training

 Explosive and Ordinance Training

 Dive Operations

 Drone Operations

 Maritime Operations

 Operation Planning Procedures

The training packages were broken into three separate tracks the Cyber component is being conducted in Doral Florida, the Maritime Component which is being conducted at Pelican Base Barbados and the Ground Component which is running concurrently at Paragon Base Barbados.

The aim of the training is to expand the Caribbean region’s ability to mitigate, plan and effectively respond to any unforeseen crisis. To achieve this, the training exercise provides a great platform for establishing relationships both personal and professional with regional partners with a view to increase overall capabilities of everyone involved. This aligns with the professional objectives outlined in the sentiments of Commodore Dr. Raymond King.

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