With regret, the RBDF acknowledges an alleged rape involving an Officer and Marine at Matthew Town, Great Inagua. The matter was immediately turned over to the local Police for further investigation, and the victim was seen by a medical doctor on the island. 

The alleged perpetrator was immediately relieved of his duties, and will be extracted from the island today via Police air support and will be placed on administrative leave. Counseling led by the Defence Force’s Chaplain is being prepared for the alleged victim, and any of the other individuals psychologically affected by the incident. 

The Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King stressed that: “This administration does not condone or support sexual assaults, rapes or any such act that includes sexual harassments. Such persons committing those acts will be placed before the courts. I wish to encourage members to be disciplined, ascribe to our core values, centuries of customs, and military traditions. We are a disciplined force and if personnel are unable to fulfill those obligations, they ought to resign or retire from the service. We have zero-tolerance for such acts or allegations, and these individuals will be dealt with swiftly and transparently with due process. 

Further, there is no fraternization policy in the public service or the other uniform branches in the country to discourage consensual intermarriages and relations. However, such policy is being given careful and deliberate consideration by the Commander Defence Force at the time.” 

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