Photo shows: RBDF Search and Rescue Department along with US Coast Guard.

In keeping with the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King’s strategic intent of enhancing the organization’s search and rescue response to aerial and maritime incidents at sea and fulfillment of its commitments under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) conventions and obligations as a Rescue Coordination Sub Center, twelve members of the RBDF’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Department participated in a training exercise on Monday 22nd March 2021.

The one-day training exercise was a comprehensive training seminar aimed at strengthening the understanding of Search and Rescue and its procedures. Held in the Operations Command Centre onboard HMBS CORAL HARBOUR, the session was conducted by United States Coast Guard personnel, led by Lieutenant Commander Jake McMillan. 

Theoretical aspects of the training focused on the knowledge of basic Search and Rescue, which introduced key planning and decision-making procedures. Other aspects included group discussions, case study discussions, and practical implementation of the topic by the crew. 

The RBDF Search and Rescue Department, led by SAR Coordinator, Commander William Sturrup, was formed in June 2020. They are tasked with sea training for all the RBDF sea-going craft, as well as standardized training in the maritime simulator onboard HMBS CORAL HARBOUR.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to seek ways of enhancing the knowledge of its Officers and Marines who continue to guard and protect the territorial waters of The Bahamas.

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