Defence Headquarters, 3 Jan. ‘23 (RBDF): On December 30, 2022 the RBDF Training Department acknowledged two marines for their outstanding work ethic and high performance in the execution of their daily duties namely; Leading Seaman Otis Ferguson and Leading Woman Aniska Bonaby.

Leading Seaman Ferguson was presented with the Training Department’s Marine of the Quarter (4th quarter) award for his diligence in the department. Leading Woman Bonaby was awarded with the Training Department’s Marine of the Year (2022) award for her hard work and dedication to making the department better through her contribution and performance for the year.

These awards were presented by Captain Coral Harbour, Captain Glenn McPhee, Base Executive Officer, Commandeer Origin Deleveaux, Master at Arms, Force Chief Petty Officer Raymond Sands, Force Chief Petty Officer Maryann Fowler and Force Chief Petty Officer Geoffrey Miller

It is the strategic intent of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King to establish a high performance workforce through highlighting, recognizing, and rewarding marines for their performance excellence.

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