In keeping with Commander Defence Force’s intent, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF), Office of Staff Legal Affairs in collaboration with the United States Northern Command, Office of Judge Advocate hosted a three day Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) during the period of 23-25 July 2019.

The SMEE was conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Lucius Tillman, Office of the Judge Advocate, US Northern Command, Colorado and Lieutenant Commander Floyd Moxey, RBDF Staff Officer Legal Affairs.

Officers and senior enlisted personnel from the RBDF who are responsible for disciplinary matters within their various units participated in the 3 day SMEE. The SMEE was organised to assist the officers and senior enlisted with addressing relevant issues in anticipation of the RBDF implementing its Court Martial system.

A Court Martial is a judicial court instituted within military organizations for trying members of both the officer and enlisted corps who are accused of committing certain offences against service or civil law.

Penalties awarded under a court martial can range from a fine to a term of imprisonment.

Lieutenant Colonel Tillman provided practical guidance on the rules of procedures for the Court Martial in accordance with the Defence Act and Regulations. A mock trial was conducted to expose the RBDF personnel to the rules of procedures and possible challenges to the Court Martial trial.

Topics covered during the 3-day SMEE were the roles of attorneys and paralegals in the RBDF and an overview of the US Department of Defense Ethics Rule and Training.

(Photo by: Marine Seaman Michael E. Turner II)

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