In a thrilling match on Friday night, within The Bahamas Government Departmental Basketball Association, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Patrollers, faced off against the formidable Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Panthers. The game opened with an intense battle, culminating in a 30-30 tie at halftime.

As the game progressed, the tension mounted, leading to a nail-biting 70-70 deadlock with just two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Demonstrating resilience and skill, the RBDF Patrollers clinched a hard-fought 78-74 victory.

Offensively, Marine Seaman Kareem Lightbourne Jr. spearheaded the RBDF’s scoring with an impressive 16 points, closely followed by Marine Seaman Lerecus Armbrister with 14 points. Defensively, the duo of Marine Seaman De’Joan Sturrup and Dauran Marshall was formidable, securing the win with 4 steals and 4 blocks, respectively.

The highlight of the evening was the halftime ceremony, where Leading Seaman Nikao Glover was honored with the prestigious 2023 Coach of the Year award, presented by Captain Coral Harbour Captain Glenn McPhee.

Looking ahead, the RBDF Patrollers are set to continue their campaign on Saturday, June 22nd, at 7:30 PM, where they will take on the Solid Rock/E & G Legends in what promises to be another exciting matchup.

Keeping physically fit by participating in sporting activities is consistent with the Commander Defence Force Commodore Dr. Raymond King’s strategic vision as the Royal Bahamas Defence Force pursues excellence in guarding our heritage.

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