Commander Defence Force

Commander Defence Force
Commodore E. Raymond King

Only the third person to hold the position of Deputy Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King’s appointment took effect from 7th October 2019.

Commodore King has been a stalwart member of the Force since his enlistment in January 1987. He served onboard HMBS Exuma and David Tucker initially, before accepting an appointment as Midshipman, making the transition from Marine to Naval Officer in November 1989. He completed his Naval Officer training at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, England graduating with a First-Class Pass; and subsequently receiving his commission in 1992.

His more than three decades of service has allowed him to garner extensive organizational leadership and managerial skills inclusive of education, experience and knowledge gained in administrative and operational billets.

Operationally, he has served as the Commanding Officer of HMBS Nassau, HMBS Yellow Elder, HMBS P-42, and HMBS P-37; the Executive and Operations Officer onboard HMBS Bahamas, Executive Officer of HMBS Port Nelson, and Navigation Officer of HMBS Yellow Elder.

He also brings a wealth of administrative experience to his new posting having served as Commanding Officer, Southern Command; Training Officer; Personnel Officer (Headquarters); and Administration and Human Resource Officer (Coral Harbour Base). Additionally, Commodore King has served two tours as the Assistant Base Supply Officer, Coral Harbour Base. Most recently, he was the Port Controller, where he was serving as the Admiralty Marshal at the time of his appointment to Deputy Commander Defence Force.

Commodore King has participated in numerous international courses including the International Conflict Management for Leaders at the Inter-American Defence College; Peacekeeping for Decision Makers at the United States Defence Institute of International Legal Studies; Advanced Policymaking [Caribbean Defence & Security: Challenges & Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century], Caribbean Defence and Security, Advanced Policy Making [Transnational Threats, Multilateral Solutions], Countering Transnational Criminal Organizations and Strategy & International Security Seminars/Courses at the Center for Hemispheric Defence Studies; Incident Command System and Crisis Communications at the USCG Training Facility, Yorktown; and Naval Staff Training at the United States Naval War College, to highlight but a few.

An academician at heart and recipient of the public education system (Mable Walker Primary, H. O. Nash Junior, and C. C. Sweeting); Captain Raymond King enjoys learning that encourages appreciation of diversity and innovating thinking towards achievement of goals and objectives. He earned a Doctor of Education Degree in Leadership and Management, Masters of Business Administration Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Administration and Accounting, and an Associate of Science Degree in Accounting Management.

He has co-authored two Conference accepted Research Studies and his Doctoral Dissertation submitted in 2015 can be found on ProQuest Publications. Additionally, Commodore King has been awarded his Officer’s Commission, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, 25th and 30th Long Service and Good Conduct Rosettes and a pair of Commander Defence Force Commendations.

Commodore King remains committed to national development through the National Disaster Committee, National Anti-Drug Secretariat, National Boundary Delimitation Commission, Defence Commission Board, Docks Committee, Negotiation and Operations Steering Committees. Likewise, Commodore King supports community service and youth empowerment through membership in Kiwanis Club, Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinders Club and Family Ministries Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church.

He is also a Fellow of the Britannia Royal Naval College, Center of Hemispheric Defence Studies, Inter-American Defence College, United States Defence Institute of International Legal Studies, Navy Supply Corps School, United States Naval War College and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

He is married to the former Fredricka Sharmaine Clarke, has fathered two sons; Sub Lieutenant Miska Clarke and Marine Mechanic Raynaldo King (deceased) and six lovely grandchildren. An avid sports enthusiast, he also enjoys traveling and reading. King’s personal mission is to serve God and to share his knowledge and experience in mentoring others whereby society collectively benefits.

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